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Online Booking

We are pleased to announce that on line booking is now available. This will be more convenient for:  Those who get to their calendars in the evening after office hours,  Those that need to plan ahead for a series of appointments at specific times   Those who are travelling. Click Here to go to Online booking.   Read more

The Benefits of Exercise

Is walking or exercising really good for you? If you have all day, we could probably outline all the benefits! But you probably don’t, so we’ll just give you a few to ponder on… If you want to feel better, boost your mood, have more energy, strengthen your tissues and perhaps even live longer, then the health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are difficult to ignore, regardless of your age, sex or physical ability. It can reduce your risk of ... Read more

Gluteal Muscles

 Did you know that weak Buttock muscles -otherwise known as your Gluteal muscles- can cause Back, Hip and Knee pain???? Be proactive. Start strengthening now! Try these exercises twice a day and see your back pain reduce!   1)    Lie on side with knees bent. Open top hip and knee. Hold 2 sec x 20 times  2) Lie on side with underneath leg bent. Lift top leg upwards keeping pelvic stable.      Hold 2 sec x 20 times  3) Start on hands and knees. Draw in lower tummy at 30% of ... Read more