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The Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is also known as adhesive capsulitis. It is a condition characterized by pain and stiffness in and around your shoulder joint. Symptoms begin gradually and can be divided into three phases. Freezing          Frozen Thawing Freezing: This is the most painful stage of frozen shoulder. The pain can vary from being a dull ache that becomes sharp at certain angles of shoulder movements to very severe when the slightest knock can cause ‘exquisite’ pain. It often cripples your ability to perform life’s most basic ... Read more

Open Saturday Mornings

Open on Saturday mornings. We are delighted to say that Sandra McGovern, Chartered Physiotherapist, has returned from America and is offering treatment on Saturday. To book please Click Here   Read more

Physiotherapy after a Fracture

For many people recovering from a fracture can be a challenging and difficult time. There is sometimes a feeling of not knowing what do next and what you should and shouldn’t be doing to maximise recovery. At Southside Physiotherapy we can help with your recovery in the following ways: Assisting you in following your post operative protocol. Advising you on what activities are and aren’t safe to do. Providing you with a home based exercise program and progressing this based on your stage of healing. Assist ... Read more