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The Tennis Season is Here

Keep that tennis elbow niggle at bay with our pressure releasing tennis elbow support.   Read more

How to use Spiky Balls

How to use spiky balls. Spiky balls are a great way of relieving muscular tension and knots. Here are a few examples: Place spiky ball under left buttock Place ball between left shoulder blade and spine Massage foot with spiky ball     Read more

15 Truths about Low Back Pain

Scientific research in the area of back pain has progressed in recent times and it is challenging widespread beliefs held about the condition that seems to plague so many people. 1 Back Pain is common and normal Eighty percent of people will experience an episode of back pain during their lifetime. Experiencing back pain is like getting tired or becoming sad; we don't necessarily like it, but it occurs to almost everybody at some point. What isn't common, however, is not recovering ... Read more