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Try these basic core exercises in preparation for New Pilates Classes

Engage core. Float right hip out to the right without pelvis moving 5 times. Repeat on left 5 times. 3 sets in total           Engage core. Slide right leg away on floor without pelvis moving, and then slide left leg away. 10 times each leg alternating.               Engage core. Flex left hip and knee to 90 degrees, then lower. Repeat on right. 10 times each side.               By Germaine Mallin             Read more

A Pain in the Knee Cap

A Pain in the Knee cap (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome) This condition affects 7% of adolescents and can be as high as 50% in the military population. It affects both the sporting and non sporting population and typically pain is felt with stairs, kneeling, running, jumping and squatting.   Treatment is based on identifying the main cause of the knee pain and with this condition there are many possible contributing factors.   Weakness of the muscles around the knee and hip, most commonly the quadriceps and ... Read more