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What is good posture?

A Slouching posture can increase pressure on our discs and stretch the ligaments and other soft tissue structures at the back of our spine. Arching back and sticking out our chests is not ideal either. This military style position increases the pressure on the facet joints which are at the back of our vertebrae. It also is associated with increased tension in the muscles that run either side of our spines. The ideal posture is to have our lower back and pelvis in ... Read more

What is Bursitis?

A bursa is a small fluid filled pad/sac that acts as a cushion between skin and bone or between tendons, muscles and ligaments. We all have approximately 160 of these fluid filled sacs and they reduce friction between all these structures. Bursitis is a painful condition that occurs when the bursa becomes inflamed. The most common areas for bursae are the hip, shoulder or elbow. It can also affect the knee, heel or big toe. Acute bursitis can develop over hours and ... Read more

Balance Improvement Pad

This highly effective balancefit pad is ideal for balance, coordination and reaction training. Now available at Southside Physiotherapy Clinic. To order phone 01-2897171 or email info@southsidephysio.com   Read more