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How to get in and out of bed properly to avoid pain

Is getting in and out of bed literally a pain in the neck (or back)? Do you know how to get in and out of bed properly? Here at Southside Physiotherapy Clinic, we see people who have increased pain when they get in or out of bed or even both. The good news is that there is a simple solution to this.                 Getting into Bed First, sit down on the bed as far back as you can. Leave enough space ... Read more

Is dry needling and acupuncture the same?

In short, dry needling and acupuncture are not the same. However, since the same fine needles are used in both treatments, the confusion is understandable but there are many differences. Dry needling is comparatively new. It is based on the theory that when trigger points develop in muscles, they lead to neuromuscular dysfunction. This can result in pain, decreased function and increased stress on surrounding structures. The fine needles are used to elicit a twitch response to release the trigger point and restore normal ... Read more