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What is Osteoporosis?

People coming to Southside Physiotherapy Clinic frequently ask what is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a condition where there is thinning of the bones, causing them to fracture (break) more easily.         What happens to the bones? Bone is a living tissue, which is made up of a hard outer shell and an inner honeycomb structure, consisting of tiny collagen fibres and minerals such as calcium and phosphate. These minerals determine the bone mass or density, and are what give bone its strength. Bone is constantly being ... Read more

Avoid painful feet this summer

Avoid painful feet this summer. Now that the good weather is here, at Southside Physiotherapy clinic, we see people presenting with foot pain. This can be because suddenly people are wearing and walking with flip-flops and/or foam-soled sandals. These provide poor arch support, which leads to pain in the feet, ankles, and knees. Here at Southside Physiotherapy Clinic, we get your feet pain free again and give advice about prevention of recurrence of pain. To make an appointment book online: https://www.tm2online.co.uk/southsidephysiotherapy/ Or phone 01-289 7171.     Read more

Suffering from heel pain?

Suffering from heel pain?   These simple cushioned devices are a great way to minimise the compressive forces through the heel and reduce pain. These are available through the clinic on request. Read more