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Positive Ageing Week 2017 25th Sept – 1st Oct.

                                                              Positive Ageing Week 2017 25th Sept – 1st Oct. Positive ageing is possible! Maintain your muscles Improve your balance Keep your joints supple We at Southside Physiotherapy Clinic are here to help! Why not join our Over 65 Exercise classes or our Pilates classes for all ages? For more information Click Here or Phone 01 2897171 Read more

Physiotherapy Management of Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains occur commonly when you go over on your ankle. The outer aspect of your ankle is overstretched and the sole of your foot twists inwards. The ligaments at the outside of the ankle are most frequently sprained.Injuries can be a grade 1 sprain where only a small number of ligament fibres are injured, a grade 2 where a greater proportion of fibres are sprained or a grade 3 which is a complete rupture. Grade 1 and 2 injuries are normally ... Read more

World Physiotherapy Day 2017

World Physiotherapy Day 8th September 2017 Contact a physiotherapist-the qualified experts in movement and exercise World Physiotherapy Day 2017 where all Healthy adults need to be physically active. Globally, around 26% of adults aged 18 and over are not active enough. Physical activity and exercise help people lead happy and healthy lives. Physiotherapists keep people moving through interventions which maximise strength and mobility.  Through advice and exercise programmes they support people of all ages to achieve activity goals. Here at Southside Physiotherapy Clinic we can ... Read more