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Pilates Instructor DublinPilates Instructor Dublin

All our Pilates Instructors are Chartered Physiotherapists and are APPI trained pilates instructors.(Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) which has modified the original exercises created by Joseph Pilates and made them suitable for people with clinical conditions such as neck, lower back, shoulder pain and a multitude of other musculoskeletal conditions. These exercises focus on targeting the deep stabilizing muscles of the abdomen and spine which are often weak in people with lower back and neck pain. The buttock and shoulder girdle muscles are also targeted which help to improve pelvic and shoulder stability.

Erin Fretheim

Erin is a masters trained chartered physiotherapist and is APPI Pilates trained which is recognised around the world for its quality and training excellence.  She also has a background of using exercise as treatment (she has a Bachelor Of Human Kinetics with a Concentration in Kinesiology from Canada). She loves educating patients so that they can participate fully in their own recovery, and believes that movement is one of the most important parts of treatment.

Germaine Mallin

Germaine and is a masters-trained musculoskeletal chartered Physiotherapist has close to 10 years´ teaching experience. She has trained extensively with the APPI  As part of her MSc in 2009, Germaine completed a research project which looked at the effects of a 6-week course of Pilates on chronic neck pain. The results were positive and demonstrated an improvement in pain reduction and disability measures. These findings were published in July 2013 in a paper in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.

Sarah Egan

Sarah is a masters-trained chartered physiotherapist who believes in using Pilates as a treatment tool, having completed training as a clinical Pilates instructor and frequently incorporates Pilates based exercises into her treatment plans. She believes in adopting a physically active lifestyle to help improve overall wellbeing and recover from injury, and encourages her patients to make the little changes that matter.

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for any level and helps to improve strength, mobility, alignment, posture and is a great way to condition the body.

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