7 Simple Ways to Elevate your Mood

7  Simple Ways to Elevate your Mood include:

1. Put down your phone

Social media is damaging to your self-esteem. Advertisements can entice you to spend an unhealthy amount of time browsing and spending money. Eye strain and neck strain will leave you feeling abnormally tired and uncomfortable. This can adversely affect your mood.

2. Stop watching the news

Aside from an occasional good news story, most news is bad news at the moment. Usually, we can find out what we need to know in just a few minutes by reading a news app on your phone. Twenty four hour news channels are full of commentary and dwell on negative topics.

3. Get fresh air

Wrap up and head outside. The sun will dose you with vitamin D and uplift your spirits. Even if cloudy, a dose of fresh air brings oxygen coursing through your blood stream. All it takes is 15 minutes per day for a significant mood elevation. So, place a chair outside or stroll around your garden. Notice the natural world around you with the cat on the wall, the birds singing, or just watch the clouds float by. Before long, you’ll have a heightened state of mindfulness and calm.

4. Move

Any bit of movement will stimulate your heart and lungs and begin moving your blood around your body. Stretching your arms overhead while taking a deep breath may be all it takes to start a wave of relaxation around your body. 25-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day is best for keeping your heart healthy. Joining our
online pilates classes is an ideal way to improve strength, balance, build muscle, promoting mindfulness and improving your mood. Please click the following link  book an appointment to join one of our classes or to book an individual consultation.

5. Sleep

Getting to bed early can be a challenge these days. The temptation of our phones, late night talk shows and Netflix have many a person burning the midnight oil. The fact is many of us require 7 1/2 to 8 hours of sleep per night to operate our best. You can start by setting an alarm on your phone to head up to your bedroom much like you would set an alarm to wake up. Try going to bed 15 minutes earlier tonight and you’ll get deeper more restorative sleep to set you up for the next week. Add 5 minutes each day after that.

6. Skip the alcohol for a night

Try making a mocktail or having sparkling water instead of your evening vibation and notice your calm the next morning. The haze will be lifted and you will have a very productive day. You sleep is far better without alcohol in your blood stream. Sleep will also speed up healing times and improve your organ’s functioning.

7. Smile

Just forming a smile stimulates the centres in the brain that elicit joy and happiness which can elevate out mood. It’s hard to feel bad if the edges of your mouth are lifting up. Try covering your eyes with your clean hands and smiling for 10 seconds.

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