Back & Neck Pain
Back and neck pain are probably the most common conditions seen by Southside Physiotherapy´s expert physiotherapists. Spinal pain, which affects 85% of the population at some stage in their lives, can be extremely debilitating, resulting in sleepless nights, loss of function, and curtailment of sport, absence from work etc.

At Southside Physiotherapy, our Chartered Physiotherapists will:

  • Assess the problem
  • Identify the cause of your problem
  • Agree treatment goals
  • Set in place a treatment programme to reduce pain and restore mobility and function
  • Give postural advice
  • Advise on prevention of recurrence or long term management of an ongoing condition. This may include lifestyle changes, advice on lifting, advice of work postures, weight loss and exercise promotion etc
  • Advise you that your back or neck pain may highlight a BIOMECHANICAL problem
  • If deemed necessary refer you back to your GP, for further investigation.