Biomechanical Assessment / Custom Made Orthotics
A biomechanical problem – i.e. the shape of your hips, knees and feet – is often the cause of painful feet, knees, hips and backs A biomechanical assessment of your feet involves a complex evaluation of feet, legs and body position in both weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing situations. We also analyze your gait to detect any unusual foot function that may be affecting other parts of your body. This enables us to decide which orthotic is best suited to improve and support the way you walk. An orthotic is a custom-made device which balances your feet and allows you to walk in as close to a neutral position as possible, reducing the rotational stresses from your feet to your back. i.e. the alignment of your lower limbs, knees and feet.

  • Casted Orthotics – custom made insoles which help feet to be held in a more stable position. A cast is taken of your feet and moulds are sent off to the lab where the orthotics is made. The orthotics is rigid, semi-rigid or soft.
  • Pre-cast orthotics – standard sizes and standard wedging and arch supports in both soft and rigid devices
  • Simple insoles – Physiotherapist take basic measurements of your foot position and sends off for specific insoles for you. These are soft devices
  • Temporary insoles – The physiotherapist measures foot position and then attaches various wedges and supports to a soft insole specific to you