Manual Therapy
Manual Therapy is a collection of hands on physio. It consists of graded techniques in which passive movements are skillfully applied to carefully reduce pain. This also restores normal mobility to the joints and the surrounding soft tissues.

The therapist´s movement of the joint is very precise. It is a carefully graded system for reducing pain and restoring normal movement to the joints, soft-tissues and nervous system. The system includes stretching, slow movements such as mobilisation and quick movements such as manipulation. It is available in this sports injury clinic.

It involves mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, manipulation and other related techniques. For further information on manual therapy please click buttons below. You can also continue reading below for more information on manual therapy here at Southside Physiotherapy Clinic. You can now book online to book an appointment for manual therapy. All physiotherapy or physio in this sports injury clinic is given by experienced Chartered Physiotherapists or physios.