Osteoporosis/Bone Health
To counter-act the effects of Osteoporosis – a condition where the rate of bone loss is faster than bone regeneration, resulting in a loss of bone density – we have designed safe and effective strength training programmes for sufferers, working in combination with ongoing advice and management. Osteoporosis is a rapidly increasing silent epidemic affecting approximately 30% of women and 14% of men over the age of 50. It is scientifically proven that exercise can maintain, prevent and restore bone mass density.

Signs and symptoms include:
  • Fracture of bones often following minimal trauma especially of the hip, wrist or Vertebra in the spine Back, neck or spinal pain
  • Postural changes eg Dowager´s hump, spinal deformity
  • Loss of height
  • Diagnosis is generally through DEXA scan but may be after an osteoporosis related fracture.
Signs and symptoms include Management/treatment generally consists of a combination of the following:
  • Pain relief
  • Safe and appropriate individual exercise
  • Postural re-education
  • Balance training/falls prevention
  • Advice and education
  • Exercise is essential for bone health particularly weight bearing exercises eg. Walking, jogging, dancing, weight training. Your physiotherapists have the expertise to advise you on an appropriate programme for you to follow and enjoy. See Pilates and Yoga.
Physiotherapy can be combined with all or some of the following:
  • Drug therapy
  • Calcium and Vitamin D supplements
  • Nutritional advice
  • Lifestyle changes eg smoking cessation