Arthritis simply means inflammation of a joint due to wear and tear. It is a condition affecting a large number of the population in varying degrees. Its unpredictable and fluctuating nature can lead to difficulty in managing everyday activities. There are many different types, some more severe than others eg osteoarthritis many be present in just one joint where a person may have rheumatoid arthritis in many joints and as it is a systemic disease other organs such as the eyes may be affected. Physiotherapy can be of great assistance to sufferers by providing:

  • Pain relief in time of flare-up
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Exercise prescription to protect vulnerable joints
  • Advice on joint care and protection
  • Provision of aids such as splints, orthotics where indicated
  • Advice on independent management
  • Referral to allied health professionals eg; occupational therapists, dieticians and medical specialists