Advice & Education
Advice southside physiotherapy clinic. We manage injuries effectively. Your experienced Chartered Physiotherapist will give you a better understanding of how and why your injury has occurred. That expert advice will help prevent recurrence of the same and similar problems.

Your therapist will:
  • Provide suitable exercises
  • Recommend ergonomic changes, and/or
  • Suggest other self-help strategies.
  • Manual Therapy
For many people recovering from a fracture can be a challenging and difficult time. There is sometimes a feeling of not knowing what do next and what you should and shouldn’t be doing to maximise recovery.

At Southside Physiotherapy we can help with your recovery in the following ways:
  • We assist you in following your post operative protocol.
  • Advise you on what activities are and aren’t safe to do.
  • Provide you with a home based exercise program. We progress this programme based on your stage of healing.
  • Assist you in returning to your pre fracture activities whether this we gardening or placing sport!
At Southside physiotherapy Clinic, we have experienced Chartered Physiotherapists dealing with all post fracture care. We can help you return to your pre injury self.
  • Get a head start on recovery.
  • Ensure optimal joint movement.
  • Maximise your muscle strength.