Joint Pain
Complaints of pain in joints are very common…we take our joints for granted until they become inflamed, stiff and painful. This may be due to actual trauma e.g. twisting an ankle, but more often than not, joints may become affected by repeated strain, poor posture and over-use.

As a result, there can be:
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Stiffness
  • Muscle loss
  • Loss of function
At Southside Physiotherapy Clinic your Chartered Physiotherapist can help by:
  • Reducing your pain
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Restore movement
  • Advice on preventative measures to stop recurrence
  • Advise you on an appropriate exercise programme
  • Advice on posture and prevention of strain due to work conditions
  • Painful feet, knees, hips are often caused by a biomechanical problem i.e. the shape of your hips, knees and feet.
  • Provision of aids/splints