Advice for Healthy Computing

Correct Position

  1. Adjust your chair height so that your hands can move easily across the keyboard. Shoulders relaxed and elbows at a right angle when your hands are on the keyboard.
  2. Use a footrest if your feet are not comfortably on the floor. Feet supported on the ground or on a footrest.
  3. Adjust backrest height and tilt for comfort. Keep your back in contact with the backrest. Back fully supported by the backrest on the chair.
  4. Have your chair as close as possible to your desk. Avoid leaning forwards away from the desk. Lower or remove the armrests if they prevent you getting close to the desk.
  5. Place the keyboard directly in front of you, and have the mouse close to the keyboard. Upper arms relaxed and by your side with elbows at a right angle. Wrists in line with your forearms when the hands are on the keyboard.
  6. Place the monitor at approximately fingertip distance when your arm is stretched out in front of you. Look straight ahead with you upper body facing forward.
  7. Adjust the monitor height so your eyes are level with the screen. Head upright and forward facing so that you can see the screen clearly.
  8. Keep the area under your desk clear. Legs are free to move and stretch under the desk.  
  9. Use the standing option on your desk, if available, from time to time during the day. Body position can be changed often by swapping sitting with standing at the desk or moving away from the desk.

Key Points

Adjust furniture and equipment for comfortable computing

Sit supported with muscles relaxed

Interrupt sitting frequently

Include movement in your working day

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