Back Pain Doesn’t always look the same

Acute back pain

  • Immediate onset or within a couple of hours of an accident
  • Ranging from mild to severe pain
  • Clear mechanism of injury
  • Can easily describe how and where it hurts.
  • Typically resolves within 4 weeks.


Can physio help? Yes, indeed. We can give you the proper advice and techniques necessary to help you heal from pain.


Persistent or episodic back pain

  • Gradual onset or repeat episodes
  • No clear mechanism of injury, but you may have an idea for what makes it worse.
  • Dull or sharp pain generally more spread out and may radiate to the leg .
  • It tends to keep happening in the same area.
  • May be associated with core weakness or weight gain.
  • Finding it difficult to keep up because your back seems to get in the way.
  • People working full time on computers tend to have this problem.


Can physio help? This the best time to come to physio. You will need advice to straighten out your desk, learn helpful techniques, and receive the hands-on care necessary to treat the source of your pain.


Chronic Back Pain

  • Long history of pain for various reasons
  • You probably have met a consultant or had tests performed
  • You may have even tried physiotherapy before
  • You might find it difficult to work or do the things you normally enjoyed.
  • You may be taking long term medication


Can physio help? Yes. We may not be able to get rid of all of your symptoms but we certainly can teach you ways of dealing with it.  You will need to do regular exercise that is customized for you and considers your personal goals. We can help you get started in a group exercise class like aqua aerobics or Pilates here in studio. It’s important to live your life as best you can. You can control your pain!

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Whatever your back pain type, consult with one of our physiotherapists to begin your recovery journey the right way!!!



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