How to get in and out of bed properly to avoid pain

Is getting in and out of bed literally a pain in the neck (or back)? Do you know how to get in and out of bed properly? Here at Southside Physiotherapy Clinic, we see people who have increased pain when they get in or out of bed or even both.

The good news is that there is a simple solution to this.


Moving from sitting to lying








Getting into Bed

    • First, sit down on the bed as far back as you can. Leave enough space between your hips and pillow.
    • Lean toward the head of the bed while supporting your body with both hands.
    • Then lie down on your side, bringing both feet up onto the bed at the same time.
    • Now you are fully lying on your side. Keeping your knees bent and your knees hips and shoulders moving as one unit, roll onto your back in one motion.
    • Pull your abdomen in as you roll to support your back and to help prevent twisting.
    • Keep nose, knees and toes pointing in the same direction.
    • Do not lift your head and upper back to move in bed.


Getting Out of Bed

When getting out of bed, reverse the steps you used to get into bed (above):

  • Keep both arms in front of you. Bend your knees.
  • Pull your abdomen in and breathe as you roll onto your side keeping your knees, hips and shoulders moving as one unit.
  • Keep your abdomen pulled in and use your hand and elbow to raise your upper body as you carefully place your legs over the side of the bed in one motion.
  • Sit on the edge of the bed for a moment or two before you stand up.
  • When lying on your back, never lift your head and upper back to sit up in bed or get out of bed.