Golfing tips from a Physio

Golfing tips from a physio standpoint

  1. Ensure that your golf equipment is in good working order. From charging your push trolley battery to wearing comfortable shoes. Only bring what you need. There’s no need to have 50 golf balls making your bag heavier. If you never use a club, leave it at home.
  2.  Consider how far you have driven in the car prior to your round of golf. For every 10 minutes of driving time, stretch and warm up for 5 minutes more at the course.
  3. Don’t hit too many warm up balls. Our shoulders, back and hips have a quota of ball strikes per day.
  4. Don’t worry about swinging harder but swing better. Let the club do its job. Treat yourself to a golf lesson to freshen up. Over the years, we tend to stiffen up and your swing might be  changing.
  5. Make up strokes on your short game rather than trying to drive the ball farther.
  6. Every few holes, move your neck and shoulders around and take a deep fresh breath.
  7. Consider orthotics for your golf shoes if you develop arch or heel pain during your round.
  8. Consult your physiotherapist to learn some useful golf stretches. Your physio can tell you where your stiffest areas are and teach you how to improve.


Some stretches to try are:


Torso rotation

Keep your eyes on the ball and rotate your shoulders as far as you can as though you are swinging the club. Repeat 5 times.


Calf stretch

Leaning on a bench or tree, place one foot behind you while keeping your heel down and knee straight. Hold for 20 seconds or three deep breaths.


Forearm stretch

Hold the position shown for 10 seconds and repeat on each arm 3 times.


Arm stretch


Raise both arms overhead and hold for 10 seconds and repeat 3 times.

9.If something doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t do it. If your grip feels sore or your back is sore, you’re most likely swinging incorrectly or you need a physiotherapy session to work on things. In this case, book an appointment by phoning 289-7171 or through our website ,or via email

10.Have fun and hopefully you can achieve your golfing ambitions.


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