Improve your golf!

Do you want to improve your golf and your handicap?

Do you have stiff and intermittently achy joints?

Do you want a simple golf stretch?

As you know we need to use a wide range of joint movement to complete the golf swing. For this to occur, each joint involved in the swing must have flexibility. Often times this does not occur because joint restrictions exist within the body. This is a result of certain muscles being “tight” and “inflexible,” and that can cause compensations in the swing.

Doing golf stretching exercises can help greatly reduce the problem of stiff and achy joints and improve your golf game. You can do easy golf stretching exercises right in your own home, while sitting in your chair or on the golf course before playing.

The Seated Twist is a fantastic golf stretching exercise that will not only loosen up your back to minimize pain, but will give you a greater backswing and follow-through range of motion, resulting in more power and distance with all your clubs.

How to do the Seated Twist:

Step 1: Sit upright in your office chair, with chest high and back straight.
Step 2: Reach behind you with your left arm, which will rotate your upper body.
Step 3: Leverage your right arm against your left leg or chair, creating torque.
Step 4: Hold for at least 10 seconds and repeat.
Step 5: Switch arms and rotate the opposite way, hold and repeat.

Get working on this now!

See the results come the summer!

If you need further assistance and guidance in order to improve your spinal flexibility then please click on the link below.

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