Love your back and it will love you

Happy St. Valentine´s Day!

There are easier
ways to love your back!



At Southside Physiotherapy Clinic, founder, Martina
Cloonan, offers a fresh approach to tackling back pain and sciatica and some
top tips on how

to prevent it.

Top tips your back
will love

Watch your back first thing in the morning as
this is when the discs are at their most vulnerable. Minimise lifting

and bending first thing and avoid sit-ups or weights
within the first two hours of the day.

Avoid walking or running uphill if you have
back pain as this increases pressure within the discs.

o When driving or sitting at your desk, make sure you are sitting with your shoulders over your hips and knees and hips level. Get out of car/up every 20 minutes for even 30 seconds to unload your spine. Yes, stop at that petrol station even if you don´t need petrol!

Take care when sneezing: instead of bending
forwards as you sneeze or cough, stick your tummy button out as far as

possible and arch your lower back backwards.

Tired trainers can hurt your back. Replace
your trainers every 350 to 500 miles before they go flat and lose their

shock absorption properties.

Ditch killer heels for flatter shoes during the
day. High heels can overload the joints in your back and lead to back pain.
Save the high heels for nights out.

Avoid exercise straight after flying. You are
far more likely to suffer a disc injury after flying (especially long-haul)

cramped leg-room and high cabin pressure.

o Don´t assume that back pain or sciatica is part of the normal ageing process, it isn´t and in most cases it can be cleared.

A unique approach to beating
back pain

Based on over 25+ years experience of successfully
treating spinal problems, Martina knows how debilitating back

pain and sciatica can be. It can literally ruin lives. Southside Physiotherapy Clinic´s high success rate in clearing back and leg pain is based on a specialist regime of manual physiotherapy techniques and client education that is entirely unique to Southside Physiotherapy Clinic. This treatment regime often succeeds where other treatment regimes have failed in getting patients better and restoring their quality of life.

We are extremely proud of our high success rate in clearing back pain and sciatica when patients have had unsuccessful treatments in the past. If you are suffering back pain or leg pain, don´t give up on finding a cure. Book an appointment with one of our specialist physiotherapists at Southside Physiotherapy Clinic for a second opinion. No GP referral is necessary. Click Here

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