Pillows Matter

Pillows matter…. Could your pillow be causing you problems?

Did you know that pain may wake you up at night and that using the wrong pillow could be the cause of this? I have seen many patients over the last 30 years in Southside Physiotherapy Clinic with neck pain, shoulder and arm pain or headaches. When they come in saying that their pain is worse in the mornings and/or that they are woken up during in the night with pain, I always ask about what pillow they are sleeping on. 

What is the best pillow for me?

It’s really important that your pillow supports your neck. As we are all different shapes and sizes, there is no one pillow to suit everyone. There is a lot of confusion with the word “orthopaedic “ being used a lot. However, in general, the best pillows are those that are firm around the edges, but soft in the middle. This is because, to avoid pain, the natural curve or arch of your neck needs to be supported in a neutral position, while allowing your head to sink into the pillow. 

If you are thinking that your pain may be caused by your pillow, click here to make an appointment for a full assessment or phone 01 2897171.

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