Why Pilates

What’s all this hype about Pilates?

Joseph Pilates developed this exercise routine for ballet dancers in Germany and New York many years ago. 

Wait! I know what you’re thinking, I’m not a ballerina. Before you tune out, keep reading…

The exercises in this programme were performed in such a way that each specific low back and abdominal muscle was activated and strengthened to keep the ballerina’s posture exceptional during lifts and acrobatics.

Again!  Am I losing you? You’re right, we don’t do lifts and acrobatics daily.  

However, we are lifting up children, gardening and sitting for hours in a weakened state at computers. Many people struggle every day with low energy, poor power to climb stairs or hills, or even lift the shopping into the boot.

Have you ever felt a lower back twinge simply putting on your shoes or getting out of the car?

The types of exercises in our Pilates programmes are specific, gentle, targeted and precise to allow your body to re-activate sleepy muscles and return your spine into good alignment to give your spine stability for your daily movements.

Do you have the ability to lie down on the floor and get up independently?  

Well then,  you have enough ability to get started with our mainstream Pilates classes. And if you don’t, then book in a 1 to 1 physiotherapy session to work on your Pilates basics.

Pilates is proven to decrease the frequency of visits to your physio for pain and prevents devastating  injuries. People who perform pilates regularly recover quicker from injuries than those who don’t. 

Typically, you would receive the most benefit from enrolling in two 1 hour long sessions per week which can be in-person or live online sessions. However, even once per week keeps most people ticking over and offers good protection.

Still unsure! You may book in for one and try it out. Or ask any of our physios about Pilates at your next session.

 We have a new term starting in September 2021 including evening and Saturday times!!!

Please phone 2897171 to enquire about starting classes or click on the link below to book a 1.1 session.

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