Managing Chronic Pain

Are you fed up with your pain? Is your pain responsible for you not being able to do what you want to do? If you answered YES to either question above then more than likely you have Chronic Pain. What is chronic pain? Chronic pain is pain which has persisted beyond normal healing time. If you have pain longer than … Read More

What is Vertigo

What is Vertigo? Vertigo is a common health complaint that affects women more than men. It gives the sensation that the room is spinning even though you are still!! This happens when you move your head. For example: turning in bed, getting out of bed, looking up and/or lying on one side This room spinning sensation usually lasts less than a … Read More

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is taught at Southside Physiotherapy clinic by chartered Physiotherapists. It is ideal for those recovering from a back or neck injury or for those who want to improve their posture, flexibility and general body awareness. 5 Key elements form the cornerstone of clinical Pilates 1. Head and neck alignment; your forehead should be level with your chin when … Read More

Physiotherapy Management of Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains occur commonly when you go over on your ankle. The outer aspect of your ankle is overstretched and the sole of your foot twists inwards. The ligaments at the outside of the ankle are most frequently sprained.Injuries can be a grade 1 sprain where only a small number of ligament fibres are injured, a grade 2 where a … Read More

Inital Management of an Acute Injury

It is important to know the initial management of an acute injury. The first 2-3 days are the most important in that it is vital we prevent the injury from getting worse. Initial goals are: to reduce the inflammation control the swelling and pain Protection   Protect the injury from further damage by stopping sport or demanding physical activity Rest To … Read More

Online Booking

We are pleased to announce that on line booking is now available. This will be more convenient for:  Those who get to their calendars in the evening after office hours,  Those that need to plan ahead for a series of appointments at specific times   Those who are travelling. Click Here to go to Online booking.  

Have you heard of PRE-HAB??

Have you heard of PRE-HAB?? This is the term given to a period of rehabilitation prior to undergoing any surgery but especially joint replacements. Benefits: Get a head start on recovery. Ensure optimal joint movement. Maximise current strength. Learn post-operative exercises in advance. Phone (01) 2897171 to book an appointment now.